Word Academy Help

You can get help to all the levels of Word Academy from here. Comment below if you need help with any specific level.


  1. Eric spell peach first starting in the left corner then go to ‘e’ and the ‘a’ under said ‘e’ then ‘CH’. If you do that ‘rry’ will drop down. Next spell grape followed by cherry and you won’t be stuck

  2. I am in a grid where the words are PEACH, CHERRY, and GRAPE. However, there are only two ways to get peach, and either one leaves CHERRY to be selected so that the P is not next to the E for the final word, so there is no way to select GRAPE. Any suggestions? SOUNDS like a bad puzzle…

  3. Can’t solve ghost 7. I know the answers, but it is impossible to form them from the scrambled board. How can I skip to the next puzzle or solve this one? I need the path to take to form the words.

  4. I am stuck on Knight level 18. I know the answers,
    But there is a glitch: the last word to connect is wildfire, but there is no R left – instead, there’s an extra L. Anyone else encountered this?

  5. I am stuck on Samurai level 12. I know the words, but once I get to the last 2 words, the letter sequence will not work.
    I can get DREAM, NIGHTMARE, SLEEPLESS but snore and insomnia will not work no matter what sequence I try the words. I have been stuck for 3 days. Anyone else having this problem? I couldn’t find a “cheat video” to show me the sequence.
    Help! :)

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